100 Years of Alaska's Legislature
"From Territorial Days to Today"

1913 to 2013

Juneau, Alaska

State & Territorial

Dave Donley

Date/Place of Birth:8/29/54; Anchorage, Alaska

Occupation:Construction Worker; Attorney; Labor Relations

Residency in Alaska:Born in Anchorage, 1954-present

Education: High School - Dimond High School, 1969-72 University - University of Oregon, 1972-76, B.S. Political Science, Phi Beta Kappa, Debate Team Post Graduate - University of Washington Law School, 1976-79, Law Degree Admitted to MENSA in 1986

Business and Professional Positions: Alaska Bar Association, 1979-present; Construction Laborers 341, 1974-present (member) and former Financial Auditor

Service Organization(s) Membership: Past Community Service: Volunteer Fireman; Anchorage Waterways Council Issue Committee, Anchorage School District Curriculum Committee, Alaska Juvenile Justice Committee, Board of Directors Forum 49, Alaska Bar Association Law Related Education Committee, Spenard Community Council Road Committee Current Membership: Life Member NRA, Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

Special Interests:Hunting, fishing, softball and bicycling

Other: Awards:NRA Defender of Freedom Award, 1994 Alaska Outdoors Council Sportsman Legislator of the Year, 1989 Victims for Justice Service Award Mothers Against Drunk Driving Legislative Award, 1992, 1993 Alaska Public Radio Service Award, 1990 Anchorage Neighborhood Housing Neighborhood Support Award, 1987 NRA Honor Roll, 1995 American Legion School Award Victims for Justice Outstanding Service Award, 1997 Outstanding Victim Advocate of the Year, 1998 Mayor's Award for Public Service/Midtown Park & Trail Project, 1995 National Federation of Independent Businesses Guardian of Small Business Award, 1998 Alaska Homebuilders Association "Big Hammer" Award, 1998.